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Description of Classes

Preschool Fun: (Ages 3-4)  Our class begins with salutations, followed by a vocabulary picture session.  These pictures are then used in a short story, which is read in Spanish. Each time a new vocabulary word is used in the story, the children are asked to say it out loud.  The vocabulary pictures are reviewed after the story.  The children then stand to do an active song in Spanish. The class ends with the Spanish way to say, “Have a good day” and “Good bye”.  Classes are roughly 20 minutes long.

Seven classes (either Mondays OR Wednesdays)         $55
Fourteen classes (both Mondays AND Wednesdays)    $100

The Basics/ Learn to Read in Spanish: Students see pictures and hear basic vocabulary, phrases, colors, and numbers.  They are asked to repeat each Spanish word or phrase several times.  Some of the vocabulary words are then put into sentences. Students (ages 7+) are asked to write down words. This engages the manual-visual pathway, a proven method for good memory recall.  “The Basics” sessions are geared for three age groups:  “The Basics Youth” for ages 5-6; “The Basics I” for ages 7-8; and “The Basics II” for ages 9+.

Seven 30-min classes, $77

The “Learn to Read in Spanish” portion of this class (included for ages 7+) offers a giant opportunity for students---one that will be greatly appreciated in the future when a situation arises to communicate in Spanish.  Students receive lessons on Spanish word stress and basic pronunciation.  The "Learn to Read" portion within "The Basics" is structured for two age groups, 7–8 and 9+.

For the necessary supplies for ages 7+, please see the “Classroom Setting” section.

Please note: If a student is not yet proficient in English reading, "The Basics Youth" class on Mondays would be the best fit.

Language Structure Interactive (LSI)
: (Ages 7+) This class teaches the grammatical workings of the language and requires weekly practice sentences---PRACTICE: the key to learning! Small group classes of six or less interact with video (optional) or just audio. Participants are shown the rules of Spanish grammatical structure. The 7-8 year-olds will construct fundamental sentences while building their vocabulary.  The 9+ year-olds will construct more complicated sentences, conjugate verbs, and be presented with an extensive amount of vocabulary words. Students are required to write 10 practice sentences each week (six sentences for the younger students). Practice sentences are emailed to Ana for correction.
For the necessary supplies, please read the “Classroom Setting” section for this class.

Ages 7-8  LSI Youth      Class Requirement:  The Basics I
Ages 9+  LSI Level 1    Class Requirement:  The Basics II
Ages 9+   LSI Level 2    Class Requirement:  Lang Structure Level 1

                                                                           Seven 30-minute classes, $99

Conversational Spanish Interactive: (Ages 9+)        

Small group classes of six or less interact with video (optional) or just audio.  A student practices common conversations and is challenged with either basic or intermediate questions, based on their skill level.  The participants enjoy role-play while learning to how interact in a Spanish/Mexican restaurant and store.  
For the necessary supplies, please read the “Classroom Setting” section for this class.

Class requirement: Basic II
Seven 30-minute classes, $77

Upper Level Interactive **by invitation only**  This class focuses both on conversational and grammatical advancement in the language.  It is reserved for those more familiar with the language.  
For the necessary supplies, please read the “Classroom Setting” section for this class.

Seven 30-minute classes, $70

Read to Me in Spanish: (Ages 5+) Participants hear and watch pictured stories in Spanish to help them gain an inherent understanding of sentence composition and flow of the language. The English translation is heard after each Spanish sentence. Students may listen to all three stories, which are each read two times during a Session. Stories are geared for two groups, “Read to Me I” for ages 5-7, and “Read to Me II” for ages 9+.  ¡Vamos a leer! (Let's read!)

Six 10 to 15-minute sessions $40

Spanish/Latino Culture: (Ages 10+) Students learn the cultural significance of Spain and Latin America and how it has influenced our modern world. This class ignites a spark of appreciation for these diverse and passionate people.  Offered on the first 3 Thursdays in November.

Three 30-minute sessions, $50

Let’s Travel!
: (Ages 10+) Participants are shown popular attractions of Spanish-speaking countries as well as travel vocabulary and phrases. This class is geared to help navigate travel in Spain (and, Bonus!  The rest of Europe, as almost every European can communicate in Spanish), as well as in Latin America, and South America.  Tips are included to bargain with a Spanish-speaking shopkeeper, to order in a restaurant, and how to talk your way out of a problem situation.

Five 30-minute sessions, $70

Privates, Please: (Ages 5-Adult) Individualized lessons are taught at a student’s own pace—-great for high-excelling students that are ready to go beyond their class; also great if a child is having trouble assimilating lessons and would better progress with individual attention.  
For the necessary supplies, please read the “Classroom Setting” section for the Private Classes.  To request a Private class, email with the words “Private Class” in the email’s subject line.  Include the amount of classes desired and your top five time/day choices for each.
           Private classes:   $20 for 25 minutes; $30 for 40 minutes; $55 for 60 minutes

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