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¡Bienvenido!   (Welcome!)

"Fun with Spanish" offers instruction for both children and adults in an easily understandable format for the "second" language of our country.  A language that is very helpful for many communicative situations and a requirement for several job fields in our society. Foreign language lessons develop the cerebrum of the brain---improving memory and the potential to tackle logical sequence problem-solving, especially in mathematics.  Build your brain power and....

                           ¡Habla español!

**Note regarding our Online Classes:  You will always have the option of “audio only” for the classes.  A visual image need never be on the internet.  To ensure privacy, our classroom platform, “Zoom”, has recently boosted security for its online meetings. To learn more about Zoom’s security policy, you may visit https://blog.zoom.us/zoom-product-updates-new-security-toolbar-icon-for-hosts-meeting-id-hidden/


      The “Fun with Spanish Program” originated in 2003.  Knowing the importance of Spanish in our country, Ana wanted to pass on the language. Her son, age 6 at the time, refused to sit still with picture books and Spanish words. Once with his peers, however, he became motivated and even competitive with his Spanish learning. Classes met weekly at 7 school campuses. Because of the 2020 Pandemic, these classes have switched to an online format. People appreciate a quality enrichment program with PERSONALIZED and INTERACTIVE instruction from the comfort of home.
       The Fun with Spanish Program is comprised of 8 types of classes to provide a well-rounded language education:  “Preschool Fun”, “The Basics/Learn to Read in Spanish”, “Language Structure”, “Conversational Spanish”, “Upper Level”, “Read to Me in Spanish”, “Spanish/Latino Culture”, and “Privates, Please”.  See the “Classes” section for details about each class.

Class tuition is Student-Friendly; please see the “Tuition & Schedule” section.

Meet the teacher:

About Ana:  A former teacher, Ana is educated to the Master's Degree level.  Ana was raised in Tucson, Arizona, ‘sesenta millas de la frontera con México’ (60 miles from the border with Mexico).  A resident of Kauai, Hawaii for over 25 years, she enjoys hiking, paddling, and developing the best ways to teach the Spanish language.  It helps to have years of teaching experience!  A fast pace works well through material to be memorized; creative songs, stories, and role play work best with subject vocabulary.

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