Welcome to Fun with Spanish! 

Introduce your child to the "second" language of our country.  A language that will be very helpful, if not a requirement, for most job fields of the future. Similar to music, learning a foreign language has proven to increase assimilation of mathematics. A second language should be taught early in a child's life, while the language center of the brain is still receptive.  Catch that window of opportunity and... 

                            ¡Habla español!






**Note to Parents regarding Online Classes:  You will always have the option of “audio only” for the classes.  Your child’s image need never be on the internet.  To ensure privacy, our classroom platform, “Zoom”, has recently boosted security for its online meetings. To learn more about Zoom’s security policy, you may visit https://blog.zoom.us/zoom-product-updates-new-security-toolbar-icon-for-hosts-meeting-id-hidden/



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       The “Fun with Spanish Program” originated on the Island of Kauai in 2003.  Knowing the importance of Spanish in our country, Ana wanted to pass the language to her son. Her son, age 6 at the time, refused to sit still with picture books and Spanish words. Once with his peers, however, the son became motivated and even competitive with his Spanish learning. Classes met, as an independent After-School Program, at four of the elementary schools, and as part of the morning curriculum at 3 of the preschools on Kauai. These classes are now available from the comfort and safety of a child’s home. Parents appreciate a quality enrichment program, free from the effort and expense of travel---especially one that poses no risk of viral exposure for their children.


       The Fun with Spanish Program is comprised of 8 types of classes to provide a well-rounded language education:  “Preschool Fun”, “The Basics/Learn to Read in Spanish”, “Language Structure”, “Conversational Spanish”, “Upper Level”, “Read to Me in Spanish”, “Spanish/Latino Culture”, and “Privates, Please”.  See the “Description of Classes” section for details about each class.


 Class tuition is Family-Friendly; see “Tuition at a Glance”.



Meet the teacher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-3oJXGmeKc&feature=youtu.be


About Ana:  A former Kindergarten teacher, Ana is educated to the Master's Degree level.  Ana was raised in Tucson, Arizona, ‘sesenta millas de la frontera con México’ (60 miles from the border with Mexico).  A resident of Kauai, Hawaii for over 25 years, she enjoys hiking, paddling, and developing the best ways to teach children the Spanish language.  It helps to have years of teaching experience!  A fast pace works well through material to be memorized; creative songs and role play work best with subject vocabulary. "If I have the children's attention, they are receptive to learning".








Description of Classes



Preschool Fun: (Ages 3-4)  Our class begins with salutations, followed by a vocabulary picture session.  These pictures are then used in a short story, which is read in Spanish. Each time a new vocabulary word is used in the story, the children are asked to say it out loud.  The vocabulary pictures are reviewed after the story.  The children then stand to do an active song in Spanish. The class ends with the Spanish way to say, “Have a good day” and “Adiós”.  Classes are roughly 20 minutes long.

                              Seven classes (either Mondays OR Wednesdays)         $55

                              Fourteen classes (both Mondays AND Wednesdays)   $100



The Basics/ Learn to Read in Spanish: Students (Ages 5 and over) see pictures and hear basic vocabulary, phrases, colors, and numbers.  They are asked to repeat each Spanish word or phrase several times.  Some of the vocabulary words are then put into sentences.  The entire family may watch and benefit from these lessons.  Students (ages 7 and over) are asked to write down words and draw the word’s associated picture. This engages the manual-visual pathway, a proven method for good memory recall.  “The Basics” sessions are geared for three age groups:  “The Basics Youth” for ages 5-6; “The Basics I” for ages 7-8; and “The Basics II” for ages 9-13. Seven 30-min classes, $77



The “Learn to Read in Spanish” portion of this class (included for ages 7 and over) offers a giant opportunity for students---one that will be greatly appreciated in the future if (when) a situation arises to communicate in Spanish with someone right here in our home country.  Students receive lessons on Spanish word stress and basic pronunciation.  The "Learn to Read" portion within "The Basics" is structured for two age groups, 7–8 and 9-13.


For the necessary class supplies for ages 7-13, see the “Class Needs” section.


Please note: If a student is not yet proficient in English reading, "The Basics Youth" class on Mondays would be the best fit.



Language Structure Interactive (LSI): (Ages 7-13) This class teaches the grammatical workings of the language and requires weekly practice sentences---PRACTICE: the key to learning! Small group classes of six or less interact with video (optional) or just audio. Participants are shown the rules of Spanish grammatical structure. The 7-8 year-olds will construct fundamental sentences while building their vocabulary.  The 9-13 year-olds will construct more complicated sentences, conjugate verbs, and be presented with an extensive amount of vocabulary words. Students are required to write 10 practice sentences each week (five sentences for the younger students). Practice sentences are emailed to Ana for correction.

        Please read the “Class Needs” and “Practice Sentences” sections for this class.

Ages 7-8   LSI Youth

Class Requirement:  Basic I

Ages 9-13 LSI Level 1

Class Requirement:  Basic lI

Ages 9-13 LSI Level 2

Class Requirement:  Lang Structure Level 1


                                                                            Seven 30-minute classes, $99





Conversational Spanish Interactive: (Ages 9-13)        

Small group classes of six or less interact with video (optional) or just audio.  A student practices common conversations and is challenged with either basic or intermediate questions, based on their skill level.  The participants enjoy role-play while learning to how order in a restaurant.  Please read the “Class Needs” section for this class.


Class requirement: Basic II

Seven 30-minute classes, $77



Upper Level Interactive **by invitation only**  This class focuses both on conversational and grammatical advancement in the language.  It is reserved for those more familiar with the language.  Please read the “Class Needs” and “Practice Sentences” sections for this class.


Seven 30-minute classes, $59





Read to Me in Spanish: (Ages 5-13) Participants hear and watch pictured stories in Spanish to help them gain an inherent understanding of sentence composition and flow of the language. The English translation is heard after each Spanish sentence. Students may listen to all three stories, which are each read two times during a Session. Stories are geared for two groups, “Read to Me I” for ages 5-7, and “Read to Me II” for ages 9-13.  ¡Vamos a leer!


Six 10 to 15-minute sessions $35



Spanish/Latino Culture: (Ages 10-13) Students learn the cultural significance of Spain and Latin America and how it has influenced our modern world. This class ignites a spark of appreciation for these diverse and passionate people.  Offered on the first 3 Thursdays in November


Three 30-minute sessions, $35



Let’s Travel!: (Ages 10-adult) Participants are shown popular attractions of Spanish-speaking countries as well as travel vocabulary and phrases. This class is geared to help navigate travel in Spain (and, Bonus!  The rest of Europe, as almost every European can communicate in Spanish), as well as in Latin America, and South America.  Tips are included to bargain with a Spanish-speaking shopkeeper, to order in a restaurant, and how to talk your way out of a problem situation.


Five 30-minute sessions, $65


Privates, Please: (Ages 5-Adult) Individualized lessons are taught at a student’s own pace—-great for high-excelling students that are ready to go beyond their class; also great if a child is having trouble assimilating lessons and would better progress with individual attention.  Please read the “Class Needs” and “Practice Sentences” sections for the Private Classes.  To request a Private class, email  FunWithSpanish@gmail.com with the words “Private Class” in the email’s subject line.  Include the amount of classes desired and your top five time/day choices for each. You may select from the  following dates:

Dec 6-Feb 21; Apr 25-Jun 30 and times within those dates:


Mon-Thurs: 7:30a-4:30p; Fri:  7:30a-11:00a. 

            Private classes:   $27 for 30 minutes; $50 for 60 minutes



Tuition at a Glance    CC denotes Class Closed; email Ana to be wait-listed


Preschool Fun   CC    

$55 (7) $100 (14)

The Basics  




Language Structure Interactive      


Conversational Interactive   CC


Upper Level Interactive                   


Read to Me in Spanish   CC


Spanish / Latino Culture    CC


Let’s Travel                                       


Privates, Please                               


(30 min) $50

(60 min)

See "Methods of Payment" for payment options.



 Calendar of Classes**



Fall Semester, 2022:  September 12 - December 4

Open enrollment for Fall Semester:  through September 11; CC denotes Class Closed—email Ana to be wait-listed


You may choose multiple classes within the Fall Semester Session.  Our schedule follows the Hawaii DOE Schedule for observed holidays:  https://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/DOE%20Forms/2022-23calendar.pdf



 10:00 - 10:20a CC

Preschool Fun


 3:00 - 3:30p CC



 4:00 - 4:30p

The Basics Youth


 3:00 - 3:30p

Language StructureAge 7-8*


 4:00 - 4:30p

The Basics I


 4:30 - 5:00p

Language Structure Level 1*


 10:00-10:20a CC

Preschool Fun


 2:45 - 3:00p CC

Sept 22-Dec 1: Read to Me Spanish I


 3:15 - 3:30p

Upper Level Interactive*



4:00 - 4:30p


The Basics II


 4:45 - 5:00p CC

Sept 22-Dec 1: Read to Me Spanish II


 3:15 - 3:45p

Language Structure Level 2*


 4:00 - 4:30p

November 4, 11, 18: Culture


 7:00 - 7:30p

Nov 6-Dec 4:  Let’s Travel!


*This class has a Requirement (please read “Description of Classes”)

**For schedule conflicts with this calendar, you may opt for private lessons (based on availability) to cover the same material, plus!



Spring Semester, 2023:  February 20-April 21   Class Times TBA 

Open enrollment for Spring Semester:  December 6-February 19




         Steps to Register        


1.  Choose the classes you would like for your child. Check whether or not the class is still open (CC denotes "Class Closed").

2.  Register by sending an email to FunWithSpanish@gmail.com

In this email, include the following:

a) A list of the class choices; class choices, send a separate email for each child in the family.

  Note: Some classes have prerequisites (see  "Description of Classes")

          b) A designated email address to receive the link which will connect you to one or more of the online “Fun with Spanish” sessions.  This email address will be used for the entire session as your ‘class link’ email. Only one email address is allowed per family for the group classes.  Two email addresses per family are permitted per student for the private classes. Parents and other family members are encouraged to join our classes to learn Spanish.  The more Spanish spoken in the home, the more practice a child receives! Caution, however!  If your Spanish is rusty, you may mispronounce words in front of your child. If a quick pronunciation check is desired, please make a 10-minute appointment with Ana ($7).

          c) The child’s first name, age, and grade level (disregard if a group); and,

d) The Spanish experience of both parent and child (disregard if a group)

You will receive an email reply, confirming space availability in your chosen class(es).  The space(s) will be reserved for you for 48 hours from the time of the confirmation email.

3.  Fund your account before your reservation expires. Online payment is recommended to secure your spaces (see “Methods of Payment”). Important:  put your ‘class link’ email in the notation box of your online payment.  This is your account identification.

     If you choose to pay by mail, include the information requested in number two (2) of this section in the envelope with your personal check or money order.  Important:  put your ‘class link’ email on the notation line of your payment check. This is your account identification. If the classes fill before your payment is received by mail, your check will be sent back to the return address on your envelope.

      If payment has not been received after 48 hours, your reserved space(s) will become available to the next interested family.



Methods of Payment


       Class tuition must be paid in full in order to receive a meeting link. You may pay online with Visa or MasterCard through PayPal.  Use the email, FunWithSpanish@gmail.com for the online payment “recipient”. Important:  put your ‘class link’ email in the notation box of your online payment. This is your account identification.  Please be sure to complete your online payment for Fall Semester by 5pm, September 11thPayments made after this date may result in delayed enrollment (once classes begin, Ana focuses on lesson plans). 

       You may also pay with a personal check or money order made out to Ana Dorn.Important:  put your ‘class link’ email on the notation line of your payment check. This is your account identification.  Include in the envelope a separate note for each participant with the same information that was sent in your initial email (the information requested in number two (2) of the “Steps to Register” section). Mail your tuition payment to Ana Dorn, PO Box 979, Kilauea, HI 96754.




                                Join a Meeting       


1.  Download the “Zoom” App onto the device to be used by your child. Or, if you have not recently used your App, it may need to be updated.  Zoom upgraded to a new version in May, 2020. 

2.  Check your ‘class link’ email for your online meeting invitation. Invitations will arrive between 1 and 10pm the day before the Class, or before 6:30am on the day of the Class. Within this invitation, you will see a blue link to join our Class. If you will be away from home at the Class start time, transfer this link onto the device available for your child.

3.  At Class time:  Move the device cursor over the blue link and click. You will have the option to join with or without video. The audio must then be engaged.  Look for a microphone symbol.  If it has a red line through it, clicking on it will ‘un-mute’. Your child’s voice may now be heard. Wait for one to two minutes while the teacher admits all of the students into the class. 



   Class Needs


       For every online lesson, students, 7 and older, will need two sharp pencils with functional erasers and lined paper for note-takingPlease ensure that all emailed reference materials and the completed weekly practice sentences are with your student at the start of every online lesson. A student that is looking for materials may miss a vital part of a lesson and fall behind the class.


Language Structure, Private, and Upper Level students:  these students need a three-ring binder to organize a multitude of reference materials.  These materials will be sent by email attachment and will need to be printed out for the student. Because the students will be flipping through these materials during class, plastic sleeve page protectors are needed to keep these papers neat and legible. Students should place these reference pages into the proper tab divider section, according to its title.  Tab dividers:

       The LS Youth and Private Lesson students, Ages 6-8, need five tab dividers. Label in this order:  Grammar Rules, Articles, Nouns, Verbs, and My Sentences.

       The older LS students, Private Lesson students, Ages 9-13, and the Upper Level students need 12 tab dividers. Label in this order: Grammar Rules, Articles, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections, Conversations, and My Sentences. 

       The Upper Level students will also need the following colored pencils:  purple, blue, green, orange, red, pink, and brown. 


Conversational Class students should keep their reference papers in a pocket folder with one side labeled, “Personal Card” and “Q & A” and the other side labeled, “Restaurant” and “Sample Conversations”.  The Conversational Class students will also need the following colored pencils or thin, non-bleeding markers:  purple, blue, green, orange, red, pink, and brown. 


The Basics / Learn to Read students will need 2 sharp pencils with functional erasers, a pocket folder, and lined paper for note-taking. In addition, please supply the following:

“The Basics l” students, Ages 7-8 and older, will need the following colors of crayons or colored pencils:  red, blue, yellow, brown.

“The Basics ll” students, Ages 9-13, will need the following colored pencils:  red, blue, yellow, brown, green, black, orange, pink, gray, and purple.





  Practice Sentences:  The Primary Key to Succeed!


       Practice sentences will be assigned for almost every Language Structure and Upper Level class. For optimal memory recall, please ensure that the student completes these assignments within the first 2 days following the online lesson.  Practice is the key for your student to succeed in Spanish class!

      Each completed assignment should have the student’s name, class designation (LS Youth, LS Level 1, LS Level 2, or Upper Level) and the ‘class link’ email on the paper.  If you know the name of the device that is shown during the Zoom meeting, it would be very helpful to include that on the assignment paper, as well.

      Sentence set format:  each sentence set should be composed of a Spanish sentence and its English translation. It should have a number, and a space between the next numbered set.  

For example:                  

   1.  El chico salta.

        The boy jumps.


   2.  La chica nada.

        The girl swims.


   3.  etc.


Your Spanish student should check the finished work for the following:

1. Sentences should begin with a capital letter and end with a period. 

2. Proper names of people and places should be capitalized; months and days of the week are not capitalized in Spanish.

3. Translations should be accurate.

4. The entire paper should be reviewed for obvious errors.

5. The hand writing should be legible.

6. Mistakes should be erased completely.  A common habit among some children is to only partially erase a word or letter. A letter that still appears to be there can change the entire meaning of a Spanish word.

7. All English words and the copied Spanish vocabulary words should be spelled correctly.


        Email completed practice sentences to: 

FunWithSpanish@gmail.com no more than three days after the online lesson.  No scanner?  If possible, take a picture of your student’s work with a Smartphone and then email it. Corrected sentences will be emailed back to you. Please allow 3-5 days for the correction process.  The corrected sentences should then be read by the student to a parent at least twice before the next online class.  You may check pronunciation accuracy with a translator app.  Students that have trouble reading the Spanish may request a Private lesson or repeat “The Basics l” (Ages 7-8) or “The Basics ll” (Ages 9-13).

          If the sentences are typed on a computer file, please ensure that a hard copy (or a second device) is available at class time.  The corrected sentences must be viewable for reading during class time.





Summer Review Sessions 2022 Choose one or more: 

August 23

10 minutes per session

The Basics I

3:30p or 5:30p

The Basic II

3:45p or 5:45p

August 24

10 minutes per session

The Basics I

4:00p or 5:30p

The Basics II

4:20p or 5:45p

August 25

15 minutes per session

Language Structure Level I

3:45p or 5:45p




Winter Review Sessions 2022 Choose one or more: 

December 6

10 minutes per session

The Basics I

3:30p or 5:30p

The Basics II

3:45p or 5:45p

December 7

10 minutes per session

The Basics I

3:30p or 5:30p

The Basics II

3:45p or 5:45p

December 8

15 minutes per session

Language Structure Level I

3:45p or 5:45p



Cancellation / Connection  Policy

All Classes:  If an unforeseen situation requires a student to cancel enrollment, tuition for unattended classes will be refunded minus a 10% cancellation fee.


Private Classes:  A scheduled private class may be postponed to a later time with 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice of a private class cancellation will require full payment for that class.


Teacher Absence:  If an unforeseen situation requires the teacher to cancel a class, that class will be rescheduled or refunded.


Connection Policy:  Students are admitted into our online “classroom” based on a registered email, the ‘class link’ email.  Only 1 email is allowed per student. Students enrolled in private lessons may receive the class invitation using multiple emails.


Loss of Connection:                                        

Local-- If there is a ‘bleep’ in your local internet connection and your device is disconnected, simply revisit your ‘class link’ email and click on the blue link.  You will be readmitted to the class. If a student misses a class due to a disruption in local area Internet service, s/he may be allowed to join an additional class of the same age group.  Ask your connection service provider for a note, written on letterhead stationery, stating the date/time of the area disruption. You may email a picture of this note, along with your ‘class link’ email, and the desired substitute class to FunWithSpanish@gmail.com Please put “Substitute Class” in the email subject line.

Island-wide--  If we experience an Island-wide or State-wide disruption in Internet service, the missed class(es) in a session will be rescheduled.

“Glitches”--  If there is a temporary glitch, the session will be made up in increments of 15 minutes.  For example, if we lose connection 5 min or 10 min into a 40-minute class, 30 min of that class will be made up in an extra session.




Learn to trill your r’s:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjoOD8SVhos

Children and Homework: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln9yN8aGQFM

Spanish on your TV:  Choose Spanish in “Language Selection” for Netflix and DVDs

Spanish Children’s Books, Children’s DVDs, CDs and Digital Interactive from Ana’s library (Kauai families only):  $2 for two weeks.  If interested, you may request a list of titles (value-determined deposit required).



If you would like references for the quality of this Spanish Program, you may request them by emailing FunWithSpanish@gmail.comYour request will be forwarded.  Please allow 7-10 days for the parents to reply.



Email:  FunWithSpanish@gmail.com  Please allow 72 hours for a response; Ana sometimes gets 50 emails in a day!


Address:  Ana Dorn, PO Box 979, Kilauea, HI  96754, Phone: 808-482-1863




















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